some more random photos from my phone.
i figured i'd keep posting these since i take my phone out with me more than my actual camera

went to a Japanther/Ninjasonik show in the Bronx a few days ago.
lost my phone again, but i called it the next day and some little girl found it and gave it back

there was this gnarly riot in the street so me and Gall tried to get close and shoot photos
but the dudes there were like "wtf" and started chasing us. there were like a hundred kids behind us and we barely made the train

these were the best photos i got, i've yet to see Gall's. i heard he's got photos of me all passed out on the train and platform or whatevs

i actually don't remember shooting most of these photos

apparently i dropped my phone in one of those grates on the sidewalk and i went down there to get it

got peter to come out the other night to some random rooftop situation
it sucks because he never really comes out, and we ended up going to something lame

Bedford Ave gets a lil bugged out sometimes


i really don't know why i'm staying here