some random photos from like a week ago or whatevs
i'm too lazy to actually take my camera out, but i'm gonna start doing it again

random sesh at the crib. like i said, most of my photos take place here because i'm too lazy to bring my cam out

Amanda and Victoria

i don't even know who this kid is that their drawing on

i think people are scared to come to my house because this is the type of crap that happens to people while you sleep

that, and all my shit gets stolen

good morning

went skating with Yago and Leo the other day

lurked at Columbus park for a bit, then went over to the banks



headed over to Octagon ledges afterwards

no dice

this was most recent

met up with BD and Stephan. Pizzle came down from the BX

Peter and Joseph met up with us later

footy review

flipmode 4 coming soon . . . probably not though

equip malfunctions

more 521 antics. this place is starting to be:
1. a safe haven for underage drinking
2. kinda like 214 but not as gnar because our downstairs neighbors suck even more than our last ones

Pat woke up and snapped Yago's phone in half


you're always occupied with girlie things