i don't even know when these photos are from nor do i remember this night. i heard it was fun though

pregaming at the crib. Stephen is a resident of my apt now

am i cool yet?


met up with Gall and some heads in the city

we out

i think this dude was dead. the firemen didn't let me get close


Shane and Raul


everything else is a blur

another party pregame. i think this was the night before last


rollin deep

we ended up at silent barn first


got a text from someone to go to a party in les so we dipped
oh, btw i don't have a phone anymore so yea, can't call me



this chick hated us

got to the spot and saw Neil and Glen
i got kicked out because i was too wasted. that's been happening alot lately


BD's a racist

i'm over you somehow