i called up Pat Murray to go skate and we met at Up-Rails
not psyched
"aren't you that dude that takes all those pictures?"
we skated up-rails until we got kicked out
(which became the theme of the day)
I wtf NY
we skated a bunch of randumb crap along Hudson River
Park, including the gnarliest grass gap through shrubs
you'll ever see, until it was time for some eats
looks good
after the Mac Attack, we ventured to a spot i was pretty sure we would be
kicked out of with in seconds. somehow, even with the mass amounts of noise,
we managed to skate there for at least an hour
we got a ton of stickers from an "alternative style"
clothing company. we made use of them
after the spot was deemed unworthy of our time, we proceeded to
skate any and everything we found along Hudson River Park
"i can't help my boogies they get out of control
i don't think that you care but i want you to know"
somehow these dudes convinced some limo driver to take us to
midtown for 30 bucks. we didn't intend to pay
so all ten of us got into this limo. mind you, this was one of
those small limos. not the type you see celeb's crusin in
even at my level of fame, this was my first time ever in a limousine
there wasn't really enough room for wildin' out so we just had the driver blast the
music whilst we performed the latest dance moves from the waste up
Shane rode shotgun
Benjamin-Vision via fisheye
this is the last photo i took before we vacated. the guy
was like "okay, all you guys stand over here" and we
basically took that as our que to exit. we all scattered
like roaches and one by one regrouped at the Element
store in Times Square. btw Matt Rzszutko works there.
drop by and say hi
a few people got left behind but in the end, everything was okay. turns
out he didn't care weather or not we paid. who knew?
the last spot of the night and hammers were dropped
went back to queens and saw mad heads in White Castle. they were
gearing up for the Sparks sesh
i had my doubts about the stuff all night
actually the stuff is pretty good. once it gets you to bouncin
off the walls and what not, you'll love it. to me, the only
downside is that i felt like i had an extra ton of energy but it
still wasn't enough for the amount of shit i was tryin to do. i
felt like i could run across the country when i could only
run across the borough
and it turns your mouth kinda orange-ish
tryin to make sparks
"dude, i feel like i've got the best tre-flips
even though i can't land any!"
it's not your money that
their after, boy it's you