hit up Flushing the other day
Billy and Joseph were already psyched on the sesh
Josh is in to S&M
first name China, last name Charles
Luis was almost on top of the world
i can only imagine how sketchy it was up there, and when he said the wind was
getting hectic i just stopped taking photos and stuck with what i had
after Flushing we ventured uptown via one of the most crowded trains
ever. i usually try and avoid mass quantities of Met's fans
we sessioned this rail in the dark
Dan does crooks
i hate Jim
there were some antics
Kevin and Joey were trying to drop in on a camel
went back to check on Dan
he was dead
Jim found a computer monitor
he was psyched
mind you we were in Uptown Manhattan and he lives in Queens
everyone kept praying he got all the way home and dropped it walking
through his front door
the next day i got the call to skate from some big apple heads
sippin sauce
feed a nigga!
after the sesh, and work, i ventured over to Chris and Joe's
there was a starving child there, but you can keep him fed by
donating all your money to me and i'll make sure that he has a
good meal
joe was taking photos
i'm actually psyched on the way the next few came out
Joe's got some skill
chin up now young man