i slept all day but i managed to get to Tompkins before the sun went down
a squirrel was running amuck and
everyone was trying to get a photo
Taji managed to tame the beast
night time antics
Joey's got "dumb" pop
and the best ollie-norths this side of town
after Tompkins, we headed toward Union
lil Joey pointed out this pretty cool spot everyone was psyched on
Joey Lanzone
Andre is too cool
we finally made it to Union
i couldn't believe he was trying this
the rail is basically bent into the shape of a "U"
after a while i started taking film photos of the
gnar-ness and a real photographer stopped by to
take some photos. he had a Canon EOS 1D and as
you can probably tell, i was psyched
me and the photographer dude switched lenses for a bit because for some reason,
he didn't have a fisheye. he was taking a few photos, then he let me take a few.
pretty sick sesh. after all was said and done he showed me a few other photos he
had taken in the past few days. good stuff. he gave me his e-mail address so he
could send me the photos but lost it so all those photos are lost, never to be seen
again. i'm actually considering  lurkin around Union for a few days with hopes of
running into that dude again
same ol' song