when i woke up this morning i turned on my music and i was pretty psyched on the
playlist. then the song "lips like sugar" by Echo and the Bunnymen came on and i've
been listening to it non-stop ever since. as i type this, i'm listening to it. i strongly
suggest you get your hands on it somehow
ridin' the A train
Peter overcame his sickness to come out and skate
Pat's excited
we ventured out to Brooklyn to meet up with some heads
great way to end your day
i wasted Peter's battery for a bit then i had to run to work. i quit Mc
Donald's so i'm back to slave-in it up just once a day
lovely out on my day off
notice anything amiss?
*hint: street lights
i went to pick up Nomi from Grand Central
did i mention she's mad gangsta?
we met up with Rodney, Peter and Scotty in Williamsburg for some party
btw, Rodney's a DC rep now
i found a phone on the train. i gave it to peter
this guy isn't who you're probably thinking he is but he was a good DJ
it turned out to be this dude's (Tom's) b-day but we
missed the "happy birthday" song so we made everyone
sing it again before he cut the cake
AK 47 bling
the chick in the b/g tried to pass those stockings off as spandex
after the party died down, i helped clean up then we took a taxi to some
the chick in the front was trying to seduce the driver for a lower fare
on the way home, i guess i was extra psyched because i
gathered up enough balls to run into a short tunnel
these photos are bad because i didn't have a tripod and my battery was dieing. it
seems my battery is always almost dieing when i need it most
a page by REVS
alone on the river