i guess i went on my first real exploration today. i don't really have any
info on the site itself but for some good history of the place, you can
check out
this website
i started out not knowing which way to go, being that the tracks go in
two directions
i was in search of the Atlantic Avenue LIRR station. sort
of a novice mission but that's how things are in the
really long paths is pretty much all it was at first
the whole thing felt pretty sketch most of the time
i kept thinking i would fall through the floor or something
i came across all sorts of weird shit along the way
there was a club house type thing under the
tracks where the ground seemed to collapse
there came a point where the tracks ended  at a
bridge and there wasn't anything on the other side
i managed to get back on track, these are the rest of the photos i
took along the way
"we fly high"
long day indeed
once i finally found the station i felt so accomplished
here are the remains of what used to be an entrence/exit
looking back
there were people living on the platform but they asked me not to take
their photo. A woman named Toni said she'd been living here for 8 years
now and that after letting a photographer shoot photos of her and the
others living there the police raided the area and kicked them out. the
only two there at the time were Toni and a woman from California. she
didn't tell me her name, how long she'd been there, or how she got there.
Toni told me that there used to be about 7 or 8 people living there at one
time but after the first raid alot of the people left to find other places to
long walks