i found a buck on my way to work the other day, i was psyched. one
more dollar toward my new cam
i met up with everyone at Rockaway Skate Park.
plans were to warm-up here then hit up Beach Channel
that skatepark is the worst i've ever been to. at least there's no
threat of the kids who skate there getting better than you
a few of them knew Kevin and Ryan from clips they've seen all
over the web so they followed us to the rail
Photo - Peter Giang
Peter got wrecked earlier in the sesh, i guess that's why he was taking photos
Kevin wasn't too psyched
most of the kids there were just lrukin but this
one kid was tryin to boardslide the rail
i haven't gotten to hang out with the crew so long i
almost forgot why i take these photos. today was a
good day for everyone
lookin sharp
Kevin got sponsored by Tasty Dumpling
did i mention that these guys had a fan club?
get some!
after that creative up-hubba sesh, we got some eats and
witnessed Peter preform some self surgery once again
"shit looks tasty"
Kevin get's paid to say shit like that
nobody could keep their eyes open
today was a good day
frontside tailslide or backside tailslide?
Ryan taxied me to work. on the way there we  stopped at Jim's to pick
up the generator/show off our pro ball skills