Artist - FARO
way back when
stop crying like a child
try not to have a good time
the loop with the piece missing
when in rome go back home
living out here we shine
the novelty wore off
for arguments sake
enjoying life as if it were made just for fun
it looks as if a kiss has sealed your mouth
i remember learning how to dive
ain't it a shame that you hate me
its no good hangin people out to dry
i stand corrected
domino effect
hypodermics on the shores
just glad to be so simple
i've been thinkin bout tomorrow
put your dukes up now
i'm on your side
friday night the party light
she passes looks as well as bills
you said the moon was ours
don't ax me
only bored as i get older
i can't seem to wait for the day
you would seem so frail
i could tell it was you all along
what's the point in wasting time
everyones out to get you again
smells like someone died
i'd be crazy not to follow where you lead
i wanna know if i'm worth your time
such a small forest laughing at me
clouds stop and move above me
you smelled like a lover
my ex g.i.r.l.f.r.i.e.n.d kicked my f.a.t a double s o.u.t
problems when i wanna see you
all alone and all surrounded
then again maybe not
things i did when i was dead
on the street where i do my livin
wish i had enough cents
drank a lot of wine and now i'm feelin fine
only once before but now more
all you need is a gun and a car
leanin in on my yesterday
if the shoe fits keep it on
highest of the high
there's not a thing more true
it's just a silly trick
there is a long way to love
at this moment you mean everything
Annie Ma
you're not listening
she knows what she knows
forget the things you've left behind
the game that left the whole world in shambles
keep my lifeline
i'll get so up for it
there's everywhere i'd rather go
we should be like this all the time
every time just like the last
i wish i had two more wishes
dare i face the real world
a few of my favourite things
she doesn't like the friends that i make
why won't you make up your mind
move out the armies
makin up a mess of fun
there's one thing to know about this town
say a word for jimmy brown
when you're down
if i know you i know what you'll do