the last bikes in the kitchen show

i feel bad because i was (am) one of these guys

it was hella crowded when i got there

familiar faces

Max is in skinhead-mode

Juiceboxxx was up first

smells good

sad to see you go, man


i pretty much lurked in this back room the whole time then came out to shoot when the bands played

Team Robespierre


this dude "tried" to jump off the balcony

i'm convinced he was doing it for attention because he was standing up there for a while before they pulled him down

i only got a few photos in during this set because someone knocked the batteries out of my flash
and somehow i managed to find all but one and had to ask a friend for an extra. then my camera battery died

lurkin at Andrew and Alex's crib

i'm trying to drink away
the part of the day
i can't sleep away