just before election day. setup of the cash4/smells show in the city. couple photos during. agfa 400 @800

ran into jack sun. very psyched. very fade

the day after the election there seemed to be a wave of sadness over the whole city


very random photos from back in september. super slow on these updates. lurkin around bushwick, agfa 400 @ 800.

i forgot this homies name but i remember him telling me he was recently in a hit and run on his bike
he hit his face on the windshield of the car and completely shattered all his teeth and broke his collar bone. had to get a whole prosthetic mouthpiece.
woke up in a pool of blood


photos from late august/september. i’ve shot a few rolls in the past few months sporadically. random. agfa 400 @800 around bk and the city


roll swap with rené. roof in midtown and a bunch of other crap around the city and brooklyn. agfa 200 on a rollei 35 and some other camera


shoot a lot of slide. process it yourself. get minimal back. could have been the exposure. coulda been
bla blah blah provia 100f @ 400 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Marris’ instax roids



Uncomfortable Russ

Hand-painted books

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