ektar pushed to 800 on a rollei 35
processed dec 15, 2020

Lee Quinones

bros smoking in the back, a wedding ceremony being filmed by a drone and a picnic

more of the same
doubles with René using unknown cameras on kodak 400 @ 800
processed oct 25, 2020


doubles with René
Groombridge England mixed with Manhattan and Brooklyn
using nikon f1 (rené) then canon ql 25 (myself) on agfa 400 @ 800
processed nov. 5, 2020



thought i was shooting color
kentmare 400 using canon ql 25 processed sept. 20, 2020

Alex and René had a show

Blaze got painted as well


another roll swap with rené processed september 16, 2020
kodak 400 using a ricoh gr1s then canonet ql25. uk and bk

and then a photo with a cat because it was on the same roll
and sometimes we don’t get a double exposure but theres a cat

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