some random photos from the other night. i shoot photos at that last bikes in the kitchen show but i left my camera at a friends house so uh, yea.
also my computer is fucked so the rest of those photos from England and Amsterdam maybe lost for good. so psyched on that

makin a mess on the train

Andrew's got hella class

went to Autumn Bowl the other night
Rodney's a viking

this band was playing when i got there

after i nursed someone home, i ventured over to the Levee to meet up with Gavin and we headed out to Bushwick (sick)

Vic has a part time job as a princess when he's not driving into the Lincoln Tunnel in the wrong direction

comparing scars and what not

we were lurkin at Sheela's house. it was kinda like a 214 reunion

when we headed home it was daytime. i've been on that tip lately

somehow i went skating later in the day (yea, i still do that)

"get a grip"
no, he actually didn't say that

can someone explain to me how this was landed?

he can make you laugh
he can make you cry